Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Off to School

Yes, Caia has officially started school. One week shy of her 20 month birthday, we enrolled her at the daycare at the Abraham Project (the place in which we work). She is in class with about 7 other kids between the ages of 1 and 2. She attends Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8-11. The first day, we walked in and she started crying, then I handed to her wonderful "teacher" and she screamed "MOMMMMMMMMYYYYYY" louder than I have EVER heard her scream and I turned around and walked out. Yes, it was hard; No, I didn't cry. 

We have made this decision for many reasons. 1. We want Caia to be more immersed in the community with whom we working. 2. We want her to be more immersed in the Spanish language. 3. Kyle, Ali, Thomas and Claire are moving and once they're gone, Caia won't have any friends. She and Claire have really started playing well together in recent months and Caia will be SAD to see Claire go.....though she won't realize it until Claire is not at the park, everyday! 

So, we made a decision that I never thought I would make...my kid goes to daycare. I am a stay-at-home mom and my kid still goes to daycare! But, she needs to be around kids her age and in this culture, "play dates" are pretty much non-existent.  So, off to school she goes! 

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Quick Trip

We had a quick trip to visit family (and a few friends) in May. We always have a great time and we always struggle taking Caia away from her family. She has so much fun with her cousins, playing in the grass, playing with all the toys her grandparents have to offer, and just having a lot more freedom! However, we know where we've been called and God WILL give her/us all we need to raise her away from those who love her the most. 

                                            Caia with JG's dad--granddaddy

  Caia with JG's grandfather-Roy (or Ree-Ree as Caia calls him)
     Caia with JG's step-mom, Alicia (Nana)
     Caia with my grandmother-Momo
                                 The lake water and weather were perfect! 
                               Caia and JG with my brother and his son, Luke.
       She LOVES the water!
          Playing with Luke (who is only 6 months older than Caia)
    Papa Sedg was a great catcher at the bottom of the slides
              This is heaven for Bebe-boat and babies
            My brother, Matt, his wife, Libby and Luke.
             At Chick-fil-a with Lissa and Wyatt
         Playing in tupperware with Aunt KK
                  Tony is so lucky! 
                             Wrestling with cousins, Nic (5.5 years) and Evan (7.5 years).
                                             They are so good and gentle with her!
                    Dancing a jig at the mall with the Cole girls-Mabry and Evy.
                With cousin Joshua (6.5 years old).
   Playing with Nanny-JG's mom